The DS is poised to break 5,000,000 by the beginning of 2006.


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Oct 4, 2003
Well, maybe that\'s a bit of a stretch, but it\'ll be really close.

In the past three weeks in Japan...

First week - 125,000+

Second week - 175,000

Third week - 300,000

Since launch, the DS has sold 4,250,373, so if it keeps increasing like it is (and it will get a big jump with Brain Training 2 and Mario & Luigi at the end of the month).

Animal Crossing WW is a really big surprise; in the three weeks that it has been released, it helped boost the DS, and sold more than 325k, and around 160k in the last two weeks, adding up to about 650,000 in Japan alone, and so it has automatically broken 1,000,000, since the preorders in America were at about 400,000 (I could be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that is accurate). It is just THAT close to outselling the GCN version, and only in the matter of three weeks even.

Mario Kart DS is the number two handheld game in the US, behind Nintendogs, selling 220,000 copies, and 219,000 in Japan (not including bundled sales), and in Europe, I\'m not quite sure how well it sold, I believe it\'s sold at least 100,000 (again, not counting bundled sales).

Nintendogs has been consistently selling very high in all regions, and surprisingly, is at about 900,000 in the US, 800,000 in Japan and 1,000,000 in Europe (once again, not counting bundled sales). Counting bundled sales, I assume that it is close to 1,500,000 in Europe, and breaking 1,000,000 in the US. In Japan, sales have settled down slightly,

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow sold, more or less, 50,000 copies this month, coming out to 130,000 in the US. I can\'t find Japanese sales, though. c_c

Tamagotchi is still selling strong, selling 48,000 copies this week, for a total of 473,000 copies.

Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon sold 64,000 (GBA version at 62,000) copies this week, totalling 273,000 copies since release (GBA version at 271,000). Pokémon Torouze sold 55,663 last month, totalling 131,040.

Brain Training is still selling like mad, despite being released eight months ago. It sold 92,287 copies in November, totalling 795,610 copies in total.

Gyakuten Saiban DS sold 7,596 copies in november, totalling 94,746. Only about 84,000 copies to go, Phoenix Wright!

Jump Superstars is still doing relatively well, with 15,975 sold in November, and 419,853 overall.

Sawaru Made in Wario (WarioWare: Touched!) sold a total of 816,211 copies in Japan, and Super Mario 64 DS sold a total of 783,263. Sawaru sold 9,251, while 64 DS sold 8,850. Wario continues to kick Mario\'s butt!

Something called \"Gentle Logic Puzzles\" (I think it might be a part of the Brain Training franchise) sold 70,831 copies in November, and 683,464 in its life span.

Super Princess Peach\'s total sales is somewhat low, with only 82,573 copies, but it looks like it may have long legs, with 33,706 copies sold in November. We\'ll just have to wait to see if it sells consistently.

Overall, at this moment, it is very close to breaking 10,000,000 worldwide, thanks to Animal Crossing: Wild World, Mario Kart DS, the Brain Trainings and Nintendogs. Here\'s hoping that MKDS does better than the undeserving MKDS did (very well, that is).